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This course, delivered by a native English speaker (Irish nationality), will be through the medium of English. The course will be inquiry based, and there will be a mixture of presentation methods used. Students will be involved in group work, will have the opportunity to offer ‘referate/essays’, and will be expected to bring a wireless-enabled laptop or tablet.

The role of classroom management skills, different teaching methodologies, teaching thought, making thinking visible, developing enduring understandings and creating open questions will all be central to the course. 

Themes and topics covered will include

  • the History Curriculum 7-10 and 11-13 in RLP;
  • Bilingual teaching methodologies;
  • Differentiation in the classroom;
  • Planning for teaching; books and resources; 
  • Formative and summative assessments, both written and oral; setting criteria;
  • Presenting and creating teaching plans and drafts.
  • A look at the IB Unit Planner concept

Students will complete a full draft of a teaching sequence as the final summative assessment for this course.

This draft may be created during the course, and presented or taught by the student.
Voraussetzung für die Teilnahme an Übung II ist der erfolgreiche Besuch der Übung I; die Übungen bauen aufeinander auf.

Winter ​Semester​ Seminar​​ - Intro​duction

This semester seminar will be delivered through the English language. The methodologies of teaching in an International, IB (International Baccalaureate) World School will be presented. Concepts like IB Learner Profile, IB Approaches to Learning, and IB Unit Planners will be covered. The historical content will be the RLP History curriculum, with focus upon migrating invading forces; plantations of foreign communities; the integration and segregation of communities;

Also included will be the changing face of Irishism and Irish Nationalism; the development of Irish Internationalism. 
Online technologies will be explored to see the value and potential of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The role and function of International schools in Germany and other countries will be explored. 

An excursion to an International school is a mandatory aspect of the course.

Students will end the course with a deeper knowledge about Bilingual History teaching in RLP, Irish History, the International school and IB approach to education, and the use of online technologies in Education. A solid understanding of spoken and written English is required. Participants will need to bring a wireless-enabled  laptop or tablet to the sessions 
Participating students will be expected to prepare a 12 week teaching sequence for a course of History, choosing a topic from the curriculum,  and involving some modern technologies in the planned delivery.